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Less Maintenance

Maintenance needs for hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) are similar to those of conventional gasoline-powered vehicles, while all-electric vehicles (EVs) generally require less maintenance, with the exception of general wear items like tires.

Lower Running Costs

Electric vehicles typically require much less maintenance when compared to traditional gas-powered vehicles, which often results in lower running costs. Regular maintenance items like oil changes are a thing of the past for EVs. It is still important to have regular inspections done to maintain the safety and efficiency of your EV.

Electric vehicles requiring fewer fluids and less general scheduled maintenance, you should still have your vehicle regularly inspected by a Qualified EV technician at Galpin who will keep your high-tech electric vehicle going those extra miles

EV Maintenance Items

Regular maintenance items like tire rotations, cabin air filter replacement, brake fluid service, and other services are required as needed. Some services that you may be used to, such as oil changes, will not be required for all-electric vehicles, but are still required for hybrid or plug-in hybrid vehicles that continue to use gasoline engines.

EV Service Specials

Brake Inspection & Service
$50 Off

Save $50 when you get your brake system inspected and serviced by our EV-certified technicians at Galpin. Ensure your vehicle’s brakes are working efficiently and safely with a regular braking system checkup for your EV.

Tire Rotation & Balancing
25% Off

Get 25% off your next tire rotation and wheel balancing when you book your next service appointment with Galpin. Rotating and balancing wheels and tires ensures they wear evenly and extends the life of your tires.

Cabin Air Filter Replacement
$10 Off

Ensure the air inside the cabin of your car is clean and fresh, and allow your air conditioning system to work its best with a cabin air filter replacement. Schedule your next service visit at one of our Galpin dealerships below.

EV Service Information


Rotating your tires and keeping them properly inflated is important for safety and extending the life of the tire. Galpin’s trained technicians can inspect, balance, and align wheels and tires or help you find quality replacements.


Electric cars use regenerative braking systems that give you more miles between brake pad or rotor changes, but still need to be inspected and adjusted regularly for safety, efficiency, or replacement.


Batteries are the most expensive part of an electric vehicle and this complex technology can require specialized care and service. We are experts at servicing or replacing batteries to keep the volts flowing in your electric or hybrid vehicle.

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